Sacred Dance Therapy is comprised of three components: the Sacred Dance itself, Muse Movement, and Personal Energy Coaching. 

I have no dance training, I have never taken a dance class, and I'm not certified in any dance technique or modality. My dance experience comes from years of attending dance events and learning not to get overwhelmed by the emotional energy of others but to instead tap into my own spiritual/emotional energies and chakras. Paying attention to my emotional currents has led me through a 15 year journey of body movement inquisition. 

1998-2013: 15 years of connecting the physical, spiritual, & emotional bodies together

In 1998 I was introduced to salsa dancing by going to salsa night at the local Manhattan bars. The following year brought me into both the angsty punk scene and the hard trance/techno rave scene. Moving my feet in these ways brought awareness to a regular pattern in me of connecting and disconnecting to/from the earth, myself, and others. 

This was quite intriguing to me, so when I moved to England in 2000 I began using as much of my body as possible. I first walked 10 and then 20 miles a day, later changing to biking the same distance - for almost 2 years! This brought about deep emotional healing and after 5 years of intentional body movement (combined with nutrition and deep reflection) I successfully overcame bi-polar disorder!

Since then I have been increasingly interested in how the physical body affects (or, more accurately - reflects) the emotional body. Being sensitive to the auric energy field and practicing my own brand of energy work in 2000 - 2004 brought me into past life inquisitions and spiritual philosophies. It also became clear how connected the spiritual body is to the other two. From 2004-2006 I played the bass and sang in a world meditation ensemble as I absorbed the many ways sound and tonal vibrations affect the physical and emotional bodies.

Because of the tremendous talent in the northwest digital music scene 2003-2007 gave me opportunity to embody different rhythmic movements: techno, drum & bass, hip hop, house, trip-hop, ska, industrial, jazz, acoustic percussion, goa trance, psytrance, and more... From this, a passion for brainwave entrainment music grew. And all the while I paid attention to the emotional movement and spiritual growth within me. In 2007 I had an enlightening experience at an outdoor event in which Goa Gil was featured. It was not until years later did I realize his unique ability to combine the science behind brainwave entrainment with the basic philosophies of 5 Rhythms Dance. I danced and moved from pure inspiration for three days. When I came out of it I had an expanded awareness of my authentic being.

I consider 2008-2011 to be the gestation period of my spiritual body. I hunkered down, worked hard in the corporate world, spent all my free time discovering the depths of my emotional and spiritual bodies, and used all the "sick days" I could to catch up on rest. Dance was briefly replaced by running. Training for marathons gave me the meditative body movement I needed to continue my work.

On November 11, 2011 swimming against the tide (denying my inner muse the chance to shine) caught up to me. I knew I couldn't continue on the way I was. So I made a commitment to myself to follow every inspiration that bubbled up inside of me. "Follow your interests and passions without question," my inner muse advised. So, with a deep breath and lots of faith I stepped out for the first time onto my divine path: The Muse's Path. I became ready to walk my talk. The following month my inner muse challenged my commitment. I was inspired to undertake the art of erotic dance. Of course my automatic response was to try to talk myself out of it, but the commitment I had made to myself the month before just kept burning in me. "Follow your interests and passions without question." 

The year 2012 became my year to journey into authenticity, embracing vulnerability along the way. My spiritual practice deepened. I experienced Tantric Dance, became certified in Reiki (levels 1-3) and developed Chakra Reiki. Finding my balance in seedy environments required me to do two things: to be more open than I'd ever been before, and to share my spiritual philosophies tied to dance with people who were generally closed off to their own spirituality. 

A year and a half later (with over 2,000 hrs of practice) I am emerging with Sacred Dance Therapy.

Sacred Dance Therapy is comprised of three components: the Sacred Dance itself, Muse Movement, and Personal Energy Coaching. The short version: Sacred Dance is Chakra Reiki and sensual touch; Muse Movement is inspired body movement with attention placed on breath and emotional energy; Personal Energy Coaching is coaching you into an authentic connection with your inner muse and learning to be aware of subtle energies.

This is the single most powerful paradox of the universe: Duality and Unity can exist together although they are in opposition to one another.  Like two charges of a battery, we are separate but one. We are reflections of one another.
Photography by Mina Bast
After a full day of being completely present with myself I took note as I walked myself through the Personal Energy Management system. And the result by the end of the day is that I am blooming from my heart, that my roots are going deeper- into the earth and into my soul. I feel emotionally grounded and open. I feel I have spiritually evolved today. I feel physically rejuvenated.

What if there were a magic pill that gave you emotional security, spiritual depth, and physical energy… Would you want it? Personal Energy Management is the process of working with your emotional energy for optimal physical, spiritual, and emotional health. By outlining my growth process I am offering an example of how Personal Energy Management is tuned into and used.

Emotional Security
All emotions are either a true reflection or a distorted reflection of Love.
My cat passed away last week. I drove out past the Gorge and buried her the same day. A few days before that my friend carried her baby to term and lost it before giving birth. A week before that my car got towed and I didn't know until I was on my way out to work. That evening I shared and received Grief on different levels with and from three different men. I began to truly understand Grief as an expression of Love. 

With one man I shared his burden spiritually. We hugged as our auras mingled and found peace in one another's hearts. Not many words passed between us but I felt every twinge of his pain. I opened my chakras and allowed Reiki to pass through me, radiating into our cells as we pressed our bodies together, heart to heart. My hands buzzed with bio-electromagnetic charges. I placed them tenderly on his shoulders and took his hands in mine. We looked deep into one another's eyes and knew that together we were stronger. He knows that regardless of his emotional state I will always be here to mirror him, to share his burden, to feel with him. Depression is a state of knowing Love by feeling separate from Love. Depression is a distorted reflection of Love. Sometimes our lows highlight our highs. But whether low or high tide, it is still Love that comes from, and returns to, Source Energy.

With the second man we collaborated to physically move energy through our bodies. My Grief and his Heartache asked to be joined together and transmuted from a distorted reflection of Love into a true reflection.We embraced, rocked, and undulated, in graceful tantric breath and sacred danceHe opened to release his burden of Heartache, of Sadness, of bitter sweet longing; I received the power of it fully and completely, being careful to allow it to continue the momentum he began. The yin female energy is receptive; it brings emotions in like a tide returning it to the ocean. It asks you to let go of your burdens and release it back into the universe, back into Source Energy. The yang male energy creates a momentum for the movement of this energy. The tide recedes in a collection of emotionally charged electromagnetic particles, and it returns to us with all the many true reflections of Love: compassion, tenderness, appreciation, openness. By the end of our dance my Grief had become transformed into Appreciation (a true reflection of Love) and his Sadness had been transmuted into open-hearted Tenderness and Hope. We embraced in Gratitude for the mirror we'd been for one another, and for this new state of being we co-created together. 

The third man was an unexpected delight. He allowed me to share his wisdom and helped me to articulate the emotional energy that permeated my being. He coached me into a state of awareness regarding my energetic patterns and way of being. With his inspirational life coaching I began to recognize my own personal energy habits. If any moment of the process feels too dark or too overwhelming I turn up the contrast. Meaning, I’m feeling a deeper darkness while simultaneously increasing the volume of light. 

… In my muse meditations the thought came to me on how to increase the volume of light: pour all true forms of Love on it (such as Appreciation, Gratefulness, Divine Love). Distorted expressions of Love (such as grief, fear, and anger) are still to be recognized and honored as a part of the journey towards fully embodying Love.

With this man's recognition of my luminescent spirit I was able to see myself in a new light. The thing about grief is that it brings up memories of other times in your life when you felt all forms of grief. While resting in the security of his gaze in which he really truly saw me, I followed my mind through the emotional memories of grief, melancholy, and despair. I tuned into my body; I noticed physical patterns, tensions, and tweaks.  As each emotion was allowed to physically, emotionally, and spiritually relive those highly emotional and energetically charged moments in time, I begin to shed them like a snake shedding skin.

One pattern being shed is related to my heart chakra: Giving up judgmentalism. Judgementalism comes from comparing yourself to the other person, recognizing you feel somehow uncomfortable with that, and then separating yourself from the other (as in non-unity). This is the single most powerful paradox of the universe: Duality and Unity can exist together although they are in opposition to one another.  Like two charges of a battery, we are separate but one. We are reflections of one another.

We judge people, yes.  All animals judge: people, situations, other animals.  What we all are looking for is safety and the green light to trust…. Trust: a precursor to Love...But if we can go back to before we even learned not to trust… maybe not even in this life time, maybe many lifetimes ago – then we can undo our automatic patterns and reactions at the source of the wound. Sometimes what it takes is talking through it, allowing the mind to re-create the instances so the patterns can emerge physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Sometimes we don't recognize this process taking place unless we talk about it or have someone verbally guide us through it (as with life coaching).

Physical Energy
The healing power of dance/body movement and breath
Dance Movement therapist, Sherry Goodill says "Dance is movement, and movement is essentially a process of ongoing change. Moving with one’s whole body, with and against gravity, one learns to both yield and resist, to feel one’s strength and to feel one’s vulnerability, to try on new qualities of action and behavior. This is what it means to be fully human."

We already have a natural body language and unique ways we move our bodies.  And our bodies respond to emotion. So does water. Dr Masaru Emoto is a scientist and researcher who has proven that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. He has been able to capture images and video of how water molecules behave with different words, sounds, and emotions. Our body is 2/3 water. The quality of our emotions dictate the quality of our experiences in life.

Even if we try to hide it, even if one could control body language and micro expressions (which is possible but hard to do) we would still exude an air of emotion. Emotion is perhaps the closest thing we have to expressing our soul. And an empathic breath is the closest thing to an expression of emotion. As an empath I have developed the ability to not only experience and receive emotional energy from others but also the ability to give and share emotional energy that I have processed through Personal Energy Management.

Spiritual Depth
Connecting to your 'inner muse' for peace and personal evolution
Imagine the universe inside your chest. Now imagine a clone of you walking around on one little planet in that solar system called Earth. That clone is reflecting a piece of who you are back to you. And so are the other people on this planet. And so are the animals and plants, and the planet itself. And so are all the planets and stars and suns and pieces of matter and antimatter in this solar system… in the middle of your chest.

When we begin to connect to something larger than ourselves, and then identify with it, we become expansive. Our auric fields grow and become palpable. People respond to an inner beauty, a luminous glow. We become more confident in our inner wisdom. We feel more alive and love deeper. Spiritual depth is reflected in our personal relationship with ourselves.

Performance can also become spiritual when we decide to connect to the inner fire of passion and creativity. Spirit inspires us. We begin to intentionally shift our moods and connect deeper with our audience. The way I practice sacred dance is through intentional energy movement and breath. Each movement corresponds to one or multiple chakras and one or multiple colors. Emotional energy is directed through breath and touch.

I have gotten to a place of skillful Personal Energy Management from years of trial and error, from being inspired by everyone and everything, and by having faith in my inner wisdom (my inner muse). Armed with certifications in Life Coaching, Reiki, and Theta Healing I am ready to step into my role as a Personal Energy Coach. I teach better by hearing myself through listening to you. I learn as you learn, I teach as you teach. I thank you; I thank me. I love you; I love me.

  With Love & Inspiration,
                                    Sassi Muse

[I am offering Personal Energy Management coaching at half price ($75 an hr) for all of March and April.] 
Photography by TriMood Photography
Personal Energy Management and my spiritual philosophies are inspired by teachers, friends, and collaborators for whom I am grateful.

Mikol Soriano - Seattle Reiki Mastery
Kathy Kail - Tantric Dance
Richard Seaman - Seattle Life Coach Training
India Holden - Inner Wisdom Peer Counseling
Maryann Munroe - Theta Healing (and The Void)
The fact that it’s genetic may mean that your genes are pre-disposed to it, but that does not mean it cannot change (yes, I believe in genetic evolution within one lifetime).
Personal Energy Management first came to me during the time I overcame bi-polar disorder 2000-2002. I took a trip to Europe, not to find myself but to lose myself. I wanted to lose everything that I had become, that was covering the purity that I was. I knew that somewhere inside me I was pure and balanced and always good.

 On the outside sometimes I was extremely charismatic and bubbly, yet other times I’d cry in my bedroom for days. I had determined a way when I was in NYC the few years before how to magnify any positive vibes I had so that when the lows came I could hide it better. I know, solid logic, right? Europe was supposed to wipe all that clean. I was determined to figure out how to at least navigate the waters of bi-polar, if not “cure” it completely. I put “cure” in quotation marks because I never believed it was a disease to be cured. I believed it was a disorder that could be corrected.

For the first six months I kept a detailed journal of what I ate and the amount of exercise I got and how I felt in general during the day. I was intending on conducting my own sort of experiment to find out what caused or triggered the mania and depression. This research was to take me two years. For the last year and a half, however, the research laid heavily on the emotional body. The last six months my journals became sporadic rants about my dysfunctional relationship with my Basque boyfriend. The last several weeks I don’t think I wrote at all… And the funny thing is that I was lugging all these full journals around with me the whole time. I had one journal when I started. I had probably 13 journals with me when I finally came home two years later.  Talk about baggage!

…. Eventually I ritualistically burned all but 12 or so pages that had poetry and mini-wisdoms on them. I plan to turn them into a collage one day...

PERSONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT: What I discovered during these two years through books, deep meditation, and limited internet was:

a)      The fact that it’s genetic may mean that your genes are pre-disposed to it, but that does not mean that it cannot change (yes, I believe in genetic evolution within one lifetime)

b)      The amount of exercise I got directly affected my mood (as well as how long I went without exercise)

c)       Dancing always elevated my mood (walking/running was secondary)

d)      NUTRITION played a huge part (Vitamin B, C, and E were the most important vitamins for me to consume directly though real food; we usually shopped at the farmers market)

e)      I had a lot of fucking shit to process emotionally and energetically

f)       THC deepened my experience with emotional energy work (It was through this effort that I discovered my talent for energy work - especially for healing)

Yeah, so I guess I learned a lot of stuff during that time. But the most amazing thing I discovered felt like my “final test”. By 2002 I had been on my journey to cure my disorder for six years (but had only pursued it heavily in the last two). I had all along believed in the “facing and feeling” technique: Face your fears or feelings and feel them completely. I mean, actually embody them. Then release them. Like a good hug...

So in this final test, being in a theta brainwave state since it was during my light trance meditations, I embodied all of the dark emotions eternally. Even though I could not expand it very large, there was room enough inside of me. There was infinity inside me. I looked inside me and I saw the infinite Balance. Suddenly, after about an hour, I felt a sensation as if a chain was breaking; I had this overwhelming feeling that I had broken the cycle. As I write this, in 2013, I have not had any bi-polar or manic depressive episodes. I consider that “cured”. Through this process I’ve become a skillful energy worker and a fully realized empath.

I feel so many of us on this planet are present and capable of expanding and becoming a container for dark energies (especially dark emotional energies). And it feels so holy to do. And as I look around me and see who else is holding open this container as well, I am filled with honor & gratitude to have been included in this task with you... and I understand this process to be one half of the whole, the ultimate goal being to hold light and darkness in unison and to expand.

Today it feels as if we are being called to exercise more energetic power and I am seeing myself handle more and more depressive energy and low vibrations around me. And sometimes it feels like I can’t handle anymore. But then I breathe into them all at once and I feel them, love them, release them. And they melt away; I am revitalized. The amazing thing about sitting in the dark soul and meditating there is that when I come out of it I feel better and more energized. Tonight was the first time I felt really IN it since I overcame bi-polar disorder in 2002.

The meditation is this:

I am grounded to the center of the earth and stretched through my crown to the center of the universe. I stand tall on my axis of light and allow the dark matter to surround me. And I look around me and I see others doing the same. I look above me and I see the universe doing the same. I look below me and I see the earth and her inhabitants doing the same. And I suddenly realize what we are. We are reflecting one another, and we are one.

So I toss ideas into my black soul to stimulate growth and possibility for me, and to create Balance:

·         What if I really loved… everyone?

·         What if there was a capacity for both light and dark to expand in unison – bass and treble clefs, each with their own tonal complexities, yet expanding together in harmony?

·         What if I ‘faced and felt’ my entire darkness completely and fully? … And what if then I poured love onto it?

·         What if everyone I interacted with was an expression of me doing this (and therefore an opportunity to see myself in a new light and evolve)?

I sit in the center of the stillness with my dichotomy and my wholeness. This is where I transform.

I have gotten to a place of skillful personal energy management from years of trial and error, from being inspired by everyone and everything, and by having faith in my inner wisdom (my inner muse). Armed with certifications in life coaching, Reiki, and Theta Healing I am ready to step into my role as a teacher-student. I teach better by hearing myself through listening to you. I learn as you learn, I teach as you teach. I thank you; I thank me. I love you; I love me.

                    With Love & Inspiration,
                                    Sassi Muse

[I am offering Personal Energy Management coaching at half price ($75 an hr) for all of March and April.]

    Email me for Personal Energy Management coaching.

With all of this going on inside of me, inside of you, and inside of others whose baggage we may be carrying, you can see why it is important for me to to chose only a small number of people at specific times to share time, space, and energy with.

Photography by Mina Bast

Growth is often in the wounds of others that match my own. I have only recently become aware that it is necessary for me to spend more time intimately with myself  (more time than I have been) so that I can easily recognize the wounded energy (mine and others) that are unmoving in my personal energy field. If it is not releasing from my energy field it is because it is wanting attention and love, and to be healed.  I believe that everything that happens energetically is an opportunity to evolve so I accept this. In tonight's sacred erotic dance with myself, I listened deeply to the pain that chose to stick with me. I loved it unconditionally and infinitely and it began to release as I continued to bloom.

I started with a slow rocking of my pelvis. I gently moved my sacral chakra, the womb space below my belly button, in a rhythmic motion. I let the music wash over me as I softened my vagina and expanded my heart outwards. I let my healing hands explore my body to find the places that wanted Reiki. The solar plexus cried out so I gently placed my palms on my softly undulated stomach and breathed in Love. I let the Love pour into me like a feathery waterfall . Tears welled up and streamed down my face. I breathed and expanded. My right hand moved up my torso and in between my soft breasts. The sleeping serpent coiled at the base of my root chakra and the emotions of others swirled through me. I breathed with them, sweeping and releasing, knowing full well that those whose energetic properties I have attracted are reflecting pieces of me back to me (even if a distorted version of me). I opened and expanded so I could become bigger than it; after a few minutes I was able to move so released the Sadness, the Anger, the Disappointment, and the sluggishness that resided there. 

I let the Reiki flow through my body as it cleared space in my heart and belly. Slowly my serpent awakened and hissed soft whispers of deep-seated emotion. HERE are the emotions that I am responsible for - in this moment: Insecurity, Smallness, Defensiveness... This transformative body movement expanded my heart center; my emotions shifted into Love, Appreciation, and Curiosity. 

The second part of the dancing meditation consisted of me filling up the space I had just cleared in my etheric body with Joy, Sensuality, and Vitality. I moved in whatever way felt good emotionally, physically, energetically. I caressed my face and stroked my body. I wove my fingers into my hair, reveling in a massage of gentle tugging. And I danced. I danced Joy into my feet and breathed Sensuality into my lungs. I filled up my personal energy field with pure connection to my Higher Self.

Suddenly my tall sexy lover entered the room and wrapped around me from behind as I stretched in a downward dog pose. Our bodies softened and melted together. Our chakras aligned as we tangled our limbs together amidst passionate kisses. Multiple sensations exploded into multiple orgasms. We are now both more than we were before.

For me 'active receiving' is when I am present and aware of the energy that is being offered to me and I consciously accept that energy into my field. 'Passive receiving' is when I pick up someone else's energy within the energy field of the person I'm working with. There is nothing wrong with either, as we all affect one another energetically and it is common for someone to be walking around with someone else's 'energetic baggage'. It just may take more effort to reach the core authentic person when there is so much going on and left unattended in one's field.

Yesterday and today I experienced a lack of releasing in my field. I had maintained my regular meditation and energetic clearing practices but there was something that stuck in my field, two days in a row.  I realized that this is where the 'like attracts like' rule is true. My shadow self has attracted shadow elements from someone else who's emotional wounds were of the same frequency as my own. I passively received this energy, simply by dancing with someone after another dancer had danced with them. By passively receiving I unwittingly 'held on' to energy that was not mine. By becoming aware of what is happening with me emotionally/energetically I can understand that some undeveloped parts of me (solar plexus and heart) wants attention. This is what my Higher Self said today:

Competitiveness is in the solar plexus and comes from a primal instinct to evolve. However, it turns into jealousy when the solar plexus is under developed (not fully expressed with constant moving energy). Competitiveness itself does serve us when we tap into it. With competitiveness we can push ourselves further, accomplish more, and stretch our perceived boundaries. Jealousy, on the other hand, doesn't serve us in any way that I can tell. It doesn't feel good to be Jealous and about the only thing it ever leads to is either sulking or revenge (both of which is the start of a downward spiral into the type of emotional patterns I'd rather stay out of).

With all of this going on inside of me, inside of you, and inside of others whose baggage we may be carrying, you can see why it is important for me to to chose only a small number of people at specific times to share time, space, and energy with. I am committed to serving myself and others equally so I will not receive more than I can consciously handle. And I will serve you with undivided attention paid to your heart, body, & spirit.
I am an experience and I want to share myself with you. Let me infuse you with you, sprinkle you with love, pour joy into you, and spice you up with vitality. 
Photography by Mina Bast
Recently I’ve had several people ask me about my spiritual philosophies. Since I don’t believe in coincidences I decided to take it as a gentle nudge from the universe to write.  I do, however, think it’s a strange question, and kind of a personal question to ask. To me it’s on par with asking someone if they pray. It’s personal and it’s not really a yes or no kind of question. There are many ways to pray or meditate, and different people practice (or not) in different situations, with vastly different relationships to their own spirituality.

First of all I know that my beliefs and practices will change as I grow and evolve, so whatever they are today I can’t guarantee they will be the same at any point down the road.

But secondly, I am grateful for all those who have asked me about my spiritual philosophies because it has allowed me to clarify them for myself. Thank you for giving me the process for creating this succinct and clear message: 

Unity Consciousness: No matter how distorted or accurate the reflection, we ARE reflecting one another. Following our inspirations brings us deeper into a Unity Consciousness state.

How much daring is required to stroke another’s face, knowing you are stroking your own? How much are you willing to give, knowing that you can receive an equal amount? How far are you willing to go when speaking of your own personal evolution?

The human body is more than the physiological body we see. It also consists of an emotional body and a karmic body. There are very likely many more but I work with these two. It’s the idea of 'mind, body, and soul' – only it’s emotional, physical, & karmic. 

Photography by TriMood Photography

Inspiration is one way into Unity Consciousness. Follow your inspirations. Whatever you are inspired to do it now! When enough of us commit to our own hearts at once, our society easily and creatively reconfigures itself. And there is naturally more health, wealth, and happiness in the world.

When I am in Unity Consciousness I have access to infinite creativity and progressive ideas. I chose my destiny and I continue my personal evolution.

When I am in Unity Consciousness I recognize the difference between you and I, yet at the same time I feel us as equal representations of one another. When I am in Unity Consciousness I am sharing with you what I know I am in need of spiritually, energetically, physically, & mentally. When I am in Unity Consciousness I am the most authentically myself and it feels good! It feels like freedom. So, I guess another piece of my message is BE AUTHETICALLY YOURSELF. 

I am an experience and I want to share myself with you. Let me infuse you with you, sprinkle you with love, pour joy into you, and spice you up with vitality. 

This requires my constant attention to emotional energy (mine and others) and I am grateful for this practice. It allows me the awareness needed to move intentionally. And as I move physically, I move energetically. The deeper I love others, the deeper I love myself! The more light and positivity I chose to recognize, the more light and positivity comes into my life. The more I appreciate the balance between light and dark energies, the more I embody a new sort of balanced way of being, utilizing both positive and negative bio- electromagnetic charges.

How many people would it take to look into the eyes of one another and see themselves staring back before the tipping point occurred? How much courage is necessary to love what you see in those eyes, in your eyes? And how long of doing this until we inevitably fall into a deep consciousness revolution – a Unity Revolution? I’m ready to find out. Are you?

Innocent sensuality, adventurous lovemaking, all-out fuck fests: they have all at one time or another held a sense of magic, beauty, and sacredness for me.
No One needed to teach me how to move and use energy. I was born with the sixth sense active and a well-developed third eye. I sense, I touch, I even taste energy. I visualize it in my minds eye and hope to see it again physically one day.

I am a spiritual stripper. Not only in the literal sense but also in the figurative sense. I am stripping my spirit down to authenticity. Whereas I have a front seat to your sexuality, you have a front seat to my spirituality. I am peeling off layers of learned personality and automatic responses (all designed to protect my ego).

I can't say I see it as either good or bad, wrong or right. I just see it as a growing process that would of course take place. It is a stage of breaking out of the tightly held rose bud; I am beginning to bloom in the most expansive of ways. Spirituality and Sexuality merge to create this sort of Sacred Sensuality. When the energy exchange is powerful and the connection is potent it becomes also highly erotic. Sacred erotic dance feels very holy to me. Innocent sensuality, adventurous lovemaking, all-out fuck fests: they have all at one time or another held a sense of magic, beauty, and sacredness for me.

I have long since been perplexed as to why society has removed the Spirituality from Sensuality, and removed the Sensuality from Sexuality. We mill about in fear and wonder why there is so much sexual perversion and sexual violence, and that fear grows a cancer devoid of love in our bellies (in our sexual centers). Procreating in this kind of depraved energetic/emotional state not only perpetuates the way of being that we don't want, but also expands fear (especially sexual fear) across society. Now it become a community issue, and then a societal issue; so it must be healed on a community level. But if we don't have close friends and people we can call family then there's no hope to pull together as a community, much less as a society.

Seeing the other side of the coin in this way gives us a new perspective - the perspective of what we don't want. We can take measure of this and use it to propel us into an emotional state of what we do want. Especially when there are others around us who support us energetically and emotionally with moving in the direction we want to go - towards the spectrum of possibility and JOY instead of  the realm of lack and depression.

The other day pink parts of my heart bloomed. I exponentially expanded my capacity for compassion and motherly love. There was a time of about 45 minutes straight in which I held and caressed a man who just wanted to hold his head on my chest as I embraced him. The theme for that day was the high heart center. I learned that the propensity for Humility lies in the upper heart and develops there based on the mother's intimate emotional relationship with the child from the ages of 0 to 3. If the mother is receiving from the infant as much as the infant is receiving from her then the child inherits a strong sense of Humility. The connection between Love and Humility lies in the high heart. Compassion and inner peace develops here which leads to a deep-rooted sense of Joy. By the end of our 45 minute dance together we had experienced a wide spectrum of high heart love together. He had shifted cloudy energy away from the identity of 'self' and I had learned that my capacity for love is much greater than previously discovered. We both took something different away from the same experience. Duality and unity are two themes that dance together with the sacred erotic dance.

Emotions are the most intimate things we ever experience and I am honored to be someone who can support you on such an intimate level. Equally, I am undertaking the challenge of letting go myself, and being so totally vulnerable with you. Whatever way in which I am inspired to speak with you, move with you, and breathe with you is unique to us and is expressed fully and authentically with you while we are together. This is my genuine way of being. This is my heart blooming in the middle of the night, introducing Joy to Despair and watching as they begin to dance together and co-create something new - something beautiful, something grasp-able. It's truly an experiential painting of souls.

Joy comes softly, in a pear shape. Usually in pastel colors and muted tones. It seeps slowly in like a pleasant aroma wafting through the air. In the elegant surroundings of the Dolphin 2 VIP room intellectual intercourse spikes my endorphins and Curiosity is foreplay to a climax of bubbly laughter. Exposing myself spiritually feels slightly scary and slightly exciting. The emotions I feel from you I agree to receive and share with you. With tantric fervor we co-create a state of elevated awareness in which the both of us wrap up in warm smiles and sultry hugs. We float through a journey of  mutual adoration and oxytocin until the heart-armor opens up just a little bit more. The light of Joy dawns ever so softly in the arms of a lover. And the love is deep. The heart opens in softness, expressing itself with passionate excitement. Love becomes compassionate and then inspirational... There is so much to explore in experiencing these aspects of Love that we never even make it to the sexual love part. I meet you where you are at - on an emotional level, spiritual level, and mental level - and we move forward into a spectrum of sensuality and eroticism rarely experienced anywhere else in life.

The amazing thing about  practicing sacred erotic dance as a fully realized empath is that it's like experiencing twice as much of any emotion than I ever do, and then multiplying that by ten. Emotions flood my blood cells, breaking out in flush chills on my skin. Electromagnetic energy floods my brain, giving everything an aura of enticement. Time stands still. Space shifts. Joy wafts in. Excitement tingles in my mouth as my tongue darts to my lips. The moon and the stars bring us into intimate union. Though genitals do not touch we have touched one another deeper emotionally and energetically than either of us have experienced before. And the Sensuality - oh the Sensuality! Our hands melt like butter over one another. Kisses of honey drip down my neck, as your inner thighs shiver with anticipation. My fingers get lost in your hair; I press myself against your warm body, heart to heart, belly to belly, root chakra to root chakra. Erotically, rhythmic breathing escapes our mouths while we sensually explore one another. Juicy Pleasure seeps in. We drink it up with an embodiment of Sensuality and Bliss. Joy has been restored.

Our eyes smile in on one another. I am grateful for this time and space we shared together. I embrace you with love. And I release you completely and fully with the breaking of our embrace... Until next time, my love...

Let's let go and be birthed into the new evolution together. I am Love with you.

Photography by Mina Bast
I have taken on a new experiment. Before I do anything I dance. I dance the emotions through me before I make love. I dance the creativity through me before I write. I dance my chakras awake in the morning. I dance my aura to sleep at night. I dance to celebrate. I dance to cry. I dance to share with you. I dance to console and heal me. And what I have found is that whatever I give my attention to directly after a dance is immediately in the flow of life. Everything becomes meaningful. Serendipity happens. I become a conduit for pure emotional energy to come through, the fuel for raw creativity.

Being a muse, this cultivated talent has proven quite useful. The personal challenge is for me to expand and hold this energy for longer periods of time. A challenge I am definitely up for!

Yesterday's theme was Love & Release. Recently several old contacts have come back into my life - old lovers, almost-lovers, crushes and misc people from the past. I am newly aware of threads of connection between our hearts, and sometimes the sacral or solar plexus as well. I understand there is healing that needs to take place. I have been placing loving attention on the places in my etheric body where deep emotional wounds took place for all parties involved. This energy does not discriminate. I understand it as the same energy that holds the universe together and bonds karmic souls together in this lifetime. It's this energy I intend to release my attachment to. When  baggage (mine and other people's) is holding me back from fulfilling my potential  it might be a good idea to start letting go of what doesn't align with my passions and inspirations.

So, with this perspective in mind I embraced my day at Casa Diablo. When I was in the flow I danced gracefully and effortlessly; magnetic connections occurred; deep conversations happened. And my heart bloomed a little more. The longer I held the frequency of Inspiration open the quicker I fell into my own eyes through someone else's. With every hand I held, every cheek I stroked, every divinity I beheld I fell deeper in love with who we are as a species, as a spirit - as all pieces of one soul... In the "Devil's Den" here we were, co-creating heaven on earth!

Heart connections occurred with splashes of sacral chakra and solar plexus sweeping in. And occasionally the throat and thrid eye joined in. Chakras aligned and both of us co-created a vortex in which anything was possible. So, we created, each to our own will, and thanked one another with love in our eyes and gratitude in our hearts. And all the time I remain conscious of the past love ones I am currently affecting. Reactions and emotional patterns bubble up regarding them. I quietly sit in the darkness that comes with it and embrace my own shadow. I pour love on it; before I know it I am less attached to the ego self and more dedicated to my divine self. I feel the birth of a new humanity in my bones. My cells speak of the birth of a new universe. My spirit whispers of the birth of a God.

Through energetic/emotional/bio-electric energy is about the only way I know how to share this information. Being an empathic healer allows me to share deeper experiences. Of course, the result is that I also have deeper experiences myself. And my heart either breaks or it grows, although the breaking is also a growing and the growing is breaking me free.

 Just like a dance, just like a hug, just like a conversation we are present and fully experiencing, and then completely (energetically and emotionally) letting go. In order to not become attached to the details of the story of what and why and who, I dance. I breathe and dance the emotions through me. Those emotional scars are sometimes mine and sometimes not, but none of them are conducive to my new way of being. So I've learned to love them fully and explicitly and then to release them with love. Whatever I do outwardly I also do on the inside. Past lovers, young crushes, heart and soul connections: I am present to you fully and explicitly. I am embodying love for our wounds so we can release them. And I feel you doing the same. Thank you. Let's let go and be birthed into the new evolution together. I am Love with you.


    Sassi Muse

    As a muse committed to inspiring through emotional connection I use sacred erotic dance and performance to shift energetic patterns and clear emotional turbulence.

    My intention is to inspire the world through gentle personal energy coaching with a focus on emotional revitalization.  I incorporate body movement, breath, and Reiki (energy work) into every session and performance.

    As a sacred dancer I specialize in shifting and releasing outdated emotional energy patterns. I am available for hire as a sacred erotic dancer or you may book a private session for Sacred Dance Therapy.


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